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What is common rail diesel?

Older style diesel engines have an injector pump that is driven by the engine and individual injectors deliver fuel to each cylinder. A set amount of fuel is sent from the injector pump according to engine speed.

In a common-rail diesel engine, one single fuel rail that is driven by a high-pressure electric pump is shared by all the injectors. The fuel pump and the injectors are both controlled by an engine unit that fluctuates the timing of the engine spark and the fuel flow to achieve optimal performance.

This more specific fuel mix delivers better efficiency, meaning an increase in power and a decrease in fuel consumption. Common-rail engines are generally quieter with less knocking and vibration.

These more sophisticated engines require the best in car care - which is exactly what we provide at Car Service Salisbury. We are experts at working with Common Rail Diesel Engines.

Watch this great video from Mazda to learn even more about Common Rail Diesel Engines.

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