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Common rail diesel car service

Your professional local mechanic Car Service Salisbury specialises in servicing Common Rail Diesel vehicles and all American made cars.

At Car Service Salisbury we specialise in servicing all makes of American vehicles. We stock service items for Silverado, GMC Denali, Dodge Ram and the "F" Truck Range. We are also equipped with the latest diagnostic software and information to analyse your vehicle and help you maintain reliable motoring.

Car Service Salisbury also performs all your diesel repairs and fulfils your diesel servicing needs.

Common rail diesel efficiency

Common rail direct fuel injection is a modern variant of direct fuel injection system for petrol and diesel engines, with a high-pressure pump storing a reservoir of fuel at high pressure (2,000 bars / 200 MPa / 29,000 psi). The term "common rail" refers to all of the fuel injectors being supplied by a common fuel rail (a pressure accumulator where the fuel is stored at high pressure).

An obvious choice for heavy-duty transportation and equipment, diesel engine provides higher mileage than a petrol car. With more everyday motorists turning to cost efficient diesel engines, it is crucial to have a trusted mechanic to help you keep your car moving forward. The Common Rail system in particular allows engines to be developed with lower exhaust emissions and reduced engine noise. With flexible division of injection into several pre-injections, main and post-injections, the flexible design of Common Rail allows excellent compatibility and matching of the engine and injection system.

Pre-injection modifies the acoustic hardness, the co-called 'rattling' of the combustion process. Post-injection happens specifically to raise the temperature of the exhaust gas and therefore for regeneration of the standard diesel particulate filter. These factors together allow exact, highly efficient combustion. Modern common rail systems are governed by an engine control unit (ECU) which opens each injector electronically rather than mechanically.

Common rail engines require a very short heating-up time, lasting only a few seconds. Due to extremely quick reaction time in millisecond range up to 5 separate injection processes can be achieved per cycle which are all also variable. Depending on ambient temperature, the start-up can be immediate.

Car Service Salisbury is your local professional technician, we can maintain your diesel, gas or petrol car so it works at top condition and reliably takes you where you need when you need it.

Electronic common rail direct injection (CRDI)

Car Service Salisbury mechanics test, service, repair and remanufacture all makes and models of Common Rail Diesel injector engines. With the development of common rail system, the previously sometimes noisy and clunky diesels have been reconstructed in a more powerful, responsive and environmentally friendly engines.

In a common rail system, a high pressure pump delivers fuel to the rail, where electronic injectors are opened to inject fuel into the cylinders. These systems are extremely complex and parts are expensive, requiring careful diagnosis. With huge pressure inside those systems and the clearance being around 0.002mm, the service area is kept squeaky clean and stringent attention is paid to fixing the incredibly precise components.

Car Service Salisbury carry out diagnostics and repairs on common rail diesels - we check if you have loss of power, the engine is cutting out, does not start or is starting poorly, engine light remains on, smoke emits from exhaust and any other problems.

Always have your car serviced regularly using parts and fluids designed specifically for your vehicle. Regularly check oil and coolant levels - if the engine starts consuming any fluids excessively, get your car checked out. Notice any difference in engine performance, warning lights, noise, smoke, starting, or vibration? Get your car to your trusted mechanic and have the car inspected, since a simple fault can often affect additional car components resulting in a very expensive damage.

Popular common rail diesel brands

Major automotive companies refer to their manufactured common rail engines by their own brand names.

The common rail system is suitable for all types of road cars with diesel engines, ranging from city cars to executive saloon vehicles, as well as heavy duty transportation. The main suppliers of modern common rail systems are Robert Bosch GmbH, Delphi, Denso, and Siemens VDO. The most popular common rail diesels used in Australia are:

  • BMW D
  • Chevrolet VCDi
  • Daimler CDI
  • Isuzu iTEQ
  • Mitsubishi DI-D
  • SsangYong XDi
  • Opel CDTI
  • Volkswagen TDI
  • Audi TDI
  • Seat TDI
  • Skoda TDI
  • Chrysler's Jeep CRD
  • Volvo D, D5 and Penta D
  • Subaru D (TD until 2008)
  • Toyota D-4D and D-Cat
  • Nissan dCi and Renault dCi
  • Honda i-CTDi and i-DTEC
  • Land Rover Freelander TD4
  • Hyundai CRDi and Kia CRDi
  • Mazda MZR-CD and Skyactiv-D
  • Ford TDCi (Duratorq and Powerstroke)
  • Komatsu Tier3, Tier4, 4D95 and HPCR

Car Service Salisbury also services other diesel engines, including Fiat Group (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia (also sold branded as MultiJet, JTDm, CDTi, TiD, TTiD, DDiS and Quadra-Jet), Proton SCDi, Mahindra CRDe, DiCR and m2DiCR, PSA Peugeot Citroen HDI, Tata DICOR and CR4, Scania XPI, Cummins CCR, Ashok Leyland: CRS, BharatBenz 4d34i, IKCO EFD and your car.

Servicing all makes and models of cars in Salisbury, our car service performs specialised common rail diesel service, and can also repair your petrol car. Our mechanics are specialists in diagnosis and repairs of diesel fuel injection systems, including common rail diesel technology.

No matter what car model you have or what service you require - call Car Service Salisbury and we will help you get back on road! You can also make a car service appointment in Salisbury Plain online!