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Air filters

Engines that work by internal combustion need lots of clean air so that the fuel can burn and provide the force which powers the engine. Car Service Salisbury in Salisbury Plain know that changing your air filter is an important part of protecting your engine.

Your engine needs very clean air for this task because if dirt, dust or particles get inside the engine, it will cause damage. This is where the air filter steps in. It filters the air before it goes into the combustion chambers and protects parts like the pistons and cylinders from wear and damage.

Reasons for air filter replacement:

  • Save money on petrol: It's essential that your engine has a very precise mix of fuel and air, so if your air filter is congested and the engine gets starved of air then your vehicle will ‘run rich' which puts strain on your engine, and can increase your fuel consumption by up to 10% and no-one wants to use more petrol than they have to!
  • Protect your engine: Old air filters get congested and weak and become more likely to get damaged, allowing all kinds of particles into your system - these particles can cause very expensive damage to your vehicle.

Replacing your air filter means:

  • Prolonged engine life
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced car emissions

At Car Service Salisbury we check your air filter as part of every full car service - whether that be a major, minor, manufacturers' handbook or log book service.

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